Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Take all that you can.
No honour i see left in men.
Scratch this street
And do it shameless.
Do it in your own bare feet.
As youth on it's rampage
We'd scratch it now with our teeth.
But instead we smile and we greet.
We lay, we sit.
Passive actors to an endless rehearsal
We do as it was done before.
If shame was our burden,
It is now our core.
Yet to this we don't cry.
Of this, we want more.
And as time passes through
We become wasters,
Wasting ourselves too.
So i'll keep this void in my head.
Knowing that,
If i had the time and will,
I would probably still,
Scratch my back's instead.

Escrevi mais uma vez na aula de ingles. Motivado pelo Fight Club, Allan Poe e a ironia maravilhosa do Larkin. Soube-me bem voltar a escrever em ingles, mas notam-se também claramente as dificuldades. No entanto, estou satisfeito.

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